We are U.P.PRO

Inventory Experts

Innovative Operation as a Service

We are inventory experts at our core, but innovating. Agile and out-of-the-box thinking is ingrained in the DNA of U.P.PRO. It’s how we’re able to meet and exceed the expectations of our wide client base, enhancing their existing operations and giving them peace of mind. We cultivate this innovative thinking by placing it front and center in all aspects of our business. From encouraging diversity of thought and empowering everyone at U.P.PRO to contribute in their own way, to recruiting those from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds. We’ve built a thought incubator, while always prioritizing personal relationships and human capital as our most valuable resource.

Optimizing Your Inventory

Armed with our innovative thinking and years of experience, we’re dedicated to optimizing your inventory management and supply chain operation. We’ll take care of the inventory planning & purchasing, supplier management, warehousing, and logistics that are vital to day-to-day organizational operations, and significantly impact overall global corporate performance.

We help our clients focus on high-value production with precise forecasting that optimizes inventory flow. Whether you require an end-to-end inventory management solution or specific services tailored to your needs, we’ll improve your cost efficiency and even lower your total cost of ownership.

Personalized Support on a Global Scale

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of support possible, which we believe is just as important as any specific service. We leverage our global reach of over 4,000  professionals to access the exact right person(s) to support our clients’ needs. This goes hand-in-hand with our local resources and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who provide experienced on-site management and support.

U.P.PRO combines extensive expertise and flexible resources to provide a wide range of engineering and technical services that complement supply chain management and enhance production and manufacturing. These include project & program management, factory start-up & equipment installation, technology transfer services, factory operations support, procurement, and health & safety management.