Medical Industry

U.P.PRO's Case study

Quick Facts

Working with us since:

Industry: Medical devices

Main Challenge:
Reverse logistics procedures improvement

The need

 A global medical company in Ireland required a cost effective solution in order to maintain their high capacity production at competitive rates. An area in which they were struggling was identifying repair solutions that could meet their operational needs and business practice. Experiencing a lot of operational requirements in order to repair expensive units, they decided to allow us, an external company, to manage the process in order to find the best solutions. 


Our engineering team finds such challenges an opportunity to prove our capabilities to identify a global repair solution and then lead the creation of an active repair loop from cradle to grave. Starting with a clear selection process of the potential suppliers that meet customer quality and sustainability parameters, to the execution of the evaluation process on the specific repair need, qualification process of the repair with the customer’s engineers, and establishing the logistic repair loop that includes transportation and warehousing of parts in transit.

Our customer, the medical company, has very few ‘touch-points’ during the long process, keeping it a smooth and transparent activity, with very little time consumption to the end user, until closure. The end users do not have to deal with operating or managing the process, as U.P.PRO takes ownership of the full loop.

The Result

Significant saving of resources: budget and work time.

U.P.PRO has been providing the repair loop sourcing services to that medical company as of 2021, saving the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars of new purchases, as well as saving the customer’s skilled resource to deal with an operational long list of tasks, instead of their core activities.