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Working with us since: 2021 | Industry: Semiconductor

Vishay, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, specializes in producing high-performance electronic components and solutions for a diverse range of industries. With a focus on innovation and quality, Vishay’s products play a crucial role in powering the devices and systems driving modern technology forward


Working with us since: 2024 | Industry: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Healthcare

Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical leader, is renowned for its pioneering contributions to healthcare. Specializing in the discovery and development of innovative medicines and vaccines, Pfizer’s extensive research efforts and strategic collaborations have transformed medical treatment across numerous therapeutic areas. From cardiovascular health to oncology and immunology, Pfizer’s commitment to scientific excellence and global impact continues to drive advancements that improve patient outcomes worldwide


Working with us since: 2023 | Industry: Retail

Retail company that was established at the early days of Israel and provides a broad range of retail products of the world’s most known brands


Working with us since: 2021 | Industry: Electronics

A software and fabless company which designs graphics processing units, application programming interface for data science and high-performance computing as well as system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market.


Working with us since: 2022 | Industry: Pharma

PLIVA is the largest pharmaceutical company in Croatia and one of the leaders in the Southeast Europe region thanks to a large number of experts, innovative technology and continuous investment in the production system. PLIVA is ranked among the manufacturers that meet the world quality standards required for the global market.


Working with us since: 2022 | Industry: Pharma

Established in 1901, Teva produces generic and innovative products with a portfolio of around 3,600 products. Teva is among the largest of any pharmaceutical company in the world, investing every year to develop specialty and biopharmaceutical treatments that aim to increase access and improve patients’ health.

Seagate Technologies

Working with us since: 2022 | Industry: Semiconductor

Seagate Technologies provides data storage technology and solutions. The Company’s principal products are hard disk drives. In addition, the Company produces a range of data storage products, including solid state drives, storage subsystems, as well as a scalable edge-to-cloud mass data platform.


Working with us since: 2021 | Industry:

Trillium specializes in providing world-class vacuum pump repair, new and refurbished pumping systems, as well as accessories, spare parts and consumables.

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor

Working with us since: 2021 | Industry:

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor designs, manufactures and develop new technologies, products and innovative solutions at the semiconductor industry.

SMC Corporation of America

Working with us since: 2016 | Industry: Hi Tech

Promoting advanced automation through automated control technology.

Ebara Precision Machinery Europe GmbH

Working with us since: 2017 | Industry: Hi Tech

The EPME portfolio includes dry and turbo molecular vacuum pumps as well as gas abatement systems. EPME distributes state-of-the-art CMP tools, wafer bevel polishing and substrate coating systems. In Europe, EPME has a central warehouse and an overhaul centre for EBARA vacuum dry pumps and third party pumps.

Adaptive HVM Ltd.

Working with us since: 2015 | Industry: General

Adaptive has a wide range of project management experience in a number of industry sectors including semiconductor, electronics, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education.

Ebara Technologies lnc

Working with us since: 2015 | Industry: Semiconductor

EBARA Technologies, Inc.’s Design and Manufacture of Dry Pumps System, in-house servicing of Dry Pumps and Turbomolecular Pumps

AceCo Precision Manufacturing

Working with us since: 2016 | Industry: Electornics

AceCo Precision Manufacturing is a diversified solutions provider of precision CNC machined components for multiple industries. Our focus for over 25 years has been high-tech industries such as Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, and Solar;