Integrated Supplier Management

Next-Level Sourcing and Procurement

U.P.PRO consolidates your supplier network, acting as sole partner to eliminate supply chain complexities and assure continuous supplier performance improvement. As part of our VMI programs (VENDOR Management Inventory), we proactively manage and measure all suppliers to provide you with a local point of contact to access global expertise and economies of scale.

VMI Logistics with Ease

We streamline vendor qualification, administration, and assessment through continuous qualification and monitoring based on your performance objectives. 

Eliminate the headache of handling hundreds of suppliers and enjoy the simplicity of interacting with your dedicated U.P.PRO account manager.

Proactive Professionals

Our team of experienced and friendly professionals works tirelessly to strengthen sourcing relationships, create communication bridges, and encourage efficient decision-making, ensuring that all inventory is delivered to required locations and enhancing overall supplier performance.

Value-Based Integrated Services

In addition to supplier management, we also provide commercial management, inventory management, and logistics management to reduce the total cost of ownership, control all inventory transactions and touch points, and optimize every opportunity for increased value.

Key Benefits

Single Vendor Relationship

Interaction with one U.P.PRO account manager instead of hundreds of suppliers.

Purchasing Process Control

Ensuring that suppliers meet planning requirements and service level agreements (SLA). 

Review and Management

Continuous supplier performance and improvement monitoring. 

Risk mitigation

Alerts, active contingency plans, profile management, risk-driven supplier segmentation, and third-party suppliers.

Procurement Optimization

Enhancing substantial savings at your direct procurement spend. 

Struggling with Inventory Management?

Implement a demand-driven approach to inventory planning that optimizes your inventory levels and delivers on your customers’ requirements.