Statement by President von der Leyen on the European Chips Act


The EU Chips Act is a plan to make Europe a leader in the chips market. We have a very clear target: by 2030, 20% of the world’s microchips should be produced in Europe.
This ambition will be backed with considerable investment:
The EU Chips Act will enable €15 billion in additional public and private investment by 2030, on top of the €30 billion already planned.

The College of Commissioners has adopted today the European Chips Act. In the European Chips Act, we are combining investment, a regulatory framework and the necessary strategic partnerships to make Europe a leader in this market that is so important. The global demand, as you know, for chips is exponentially growing. Chips are at the centre of the global technological race. They are, of course, also the bedrock of our modern economies. They are essential for the goods that we use on an everyday basis – we have them in our smartphones; we have them in our washing machines. During the pandemic, for example, we needed them crucially in the life-saving ventilators. Or now, for example, with the energy topic, they are in the electric grids. So the chips are crucial in almost every device.

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