Pay-Per-Use Inventory on Demand

Maximum Flexibility. Maximum Availability.

Our VMI programs (Vendor Management Inventory) offer a variety of consignment models designed to reduce the cost of ownership, improve your cash flow, optimize item availability, and limit risks from overhead and obsolescence.

Financial Solutions

We customize a pay-per-use model to control your stock and optimize your inventory; freeing up your valuable working capital for other opportunities. 

Efficient inventory management means less money wasted on unnecessary logistics such as warehouse space, transportation costs, manpower, etc.


We limit your exposure to dead overhead by scheduling manufacturing and deliveries to suit supplier timetables rather than reacting to your purchase orders, thereby eliminating inventory obsolescence. 

We draw on a wider network to manage safety stocks, so you always have what you need, where and when you need it.

Key Benefits

A Customized Solution

Choose from a range of carefully planned consignment models.

Reduced Costs

Pay only for the services used, reduce ownership costs, and improve cash flow. 

Optimized Inventory

Reduce overhead risk and eliminate inventory obsolescence.   

Struggling with Inventory Management?

Implement a demand-driven approach to inventory planning that optimizes your inventory levels and delivers on your customers’ requirements.