Inventory Management, Reinvented

As a premier inventory management service provider, we take VMI to the next level by providing an end-to-end solution that optimizes every link in the global supply chain.

At U.P.PRO, we deliver world-class planning, forecasting, monitoring, procurement, assessment, and analysis to transform the toughest inventory challenges into opportunities for success. 

If you’re still managing your own inventory, dealing with individual suppliers, or struggling to match inventory with unpredictable demand, it’s time to consider taking the next step with U.P.PRO, the trusted partner for outsourced inventory optimization. 

end-to-end Suite of Services:

1. Smart Inventory Management

Implement a demand-driven approach to inventory planning that optimizes your inventory levels and delivers on your customers’ requirements.

2. Integrated Supplier Management

Unlock economies of scale and access a consolidated global network of suppliers to cut costs and headaches without sacrificing expertise or local support.

3. Pay-Per-Use: Inventory on Demand

Leverage our pay-per-use consignment model to reduce the cost of ownership and achieve financial flexibility without compromising inventory availability.

Smart Inventory Management

We know real-world problems need dynamic solutions, which is why our process is continuous and self-reinforcing, allowing you to iterate and improve in real-time.

Plan and Predict

We provide professional forecasting and lead cross-functional management teams throughout a collaborative planning process that includes finance and operations. Decisions and scenarios are evaluated in order to select the right course of action, setting the stage for precise implementation.

Monitor and Measure

We capture actionable information to support critical decision-making. Analyzing the flood of production-related data while simultaneously tracking real-time usage gives you unprecedented power to proactively replenish supply and keep up with demand, on-demand. 

Integrated Supplier Management

We proactively manage and measure a vast network of suppliers to provide you with a local point of contact to access global expertise and economies of scale.

Ease and Expertise  

We streamline vendor qualification, administration, and assessment through continuous qualification and monitoring based on your performance objectives. Eliminate the headache of handling hundreds of suppliers and enjoy the simplicity of interacting with your dedicated U.P.PRO account manager.

Proactive Professionals 

Our team of experienced and friendly professionals works tirelessly to strengthen sourcing relationships, create communication bridges, and encourage efficient decision-making, ensuring that all inventory is delivered to required locations and enhancing overall supplier performance.

Pay-Per-Use Inventory on Demand

We offer a variety of consignment models designed to reduce the cost of ownership, improve your cash flow, optimize item availability, and limit risks from overhead and obsolescence.

Financial Solutions 

We customize a pay-per-use model to control your stock and optimize your inventory, freeing up working capital for you to use on other opportunities. Efficient inventory management means less money wasted on unnecessary logistics such as warehouse space, transportation costs, manpower, etc. 

Reduced Risks

We limit your exposure to dead overhead by scheduling manufacturing and deliveries to suit supplier timetables rather than reacting to your purchase orders, eliminating inventory obsolescence. We can draw on a wider network to manage safety stocks so you always have what you need, where you need it, when you need it.