Smart Inventory Management

Smart Supplier Inventory Management

Planning Out to Cashing In

U.P.PRO’s end-to-end VMI program (VENDOR Management Inventory) begins with a demand-driven approach to inventory planning that optimizes your inventory levels and delivers on your customers’ requirements.

Utilizing our proprietary methodology, the U.P. PRO team develops a clear, continuous, and self-reinforcing VMI inventory optimization plan of action; allowing you to iterate and improve in real-time.

Plan and Predict

Applying advanced statistical models and tools, we provide professional forecasting and lead cross-functional management teams throughout a collaborative VMI logistics and planning process. The all-inclusive solution includes finance and operations, as well as covering your entire supplier network.  

As part of the VMI supply chain model, all decisions and scenarios are evaluated in order to select the right course of action, setting the stage for precise implementation.

Seamlessly Handle Reverse Logistics

Our experienced professionals optimize your operations and ensure that both inbound and outbound logistics run smoothly. Delivering reverse logistics management, we efficiently handle procedures such as returns, repairs, and recycling; completing the product life cycle, lowering risks and costs, adding value, and maintaining an efficient flow, while benefiting the environment and corporate culture.   

Monitor and Measure

Capturing actionable information, we support critical decision-making that allows you to sense demand, segment customers for profitability, optimize promotions for growth, perform event-driven scenario analysis, and get a handle on supply chain risk to drive measurable and continuous improvement.

Analyzing the flood of production-related data while simultaneously tracking real-time usage gives you unprecedented power to proactively replenish supply and keep up with demand, on-demand.

Inventory Management

Strategy and Vision Alignment

Develop a comprehensive strategy to align cross-functional stakeholders in development of capabilities.

Collaborative Business Planning

Manage the planning process to align demand management functions with the operations staff.

Supply Chain Assessment

Perform a thorough end-to-end supply chain assessment to define improvement opportunities.


Deliver an analytical enterprise forecast that considers various advanced applicable demand patterns.


Deliver a supply plan responsive to forecast demand; perform balancing, establish variances, and mitigate supply risk.

Ongoing Planning Cycle

Dynamically plan, monitor, control, adjust, and measure inventory at a pre-determined frequency.

Key Benefits

Company Resource Optimization

Allocating skilled resources to strategic challenges and opportunities.

Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Reducing the total cost of supply chain expense by approximately 15%.

Methodology Upscaling

Improving output and time to market by ensuring availability of the right inventory.

Bottom Line Improvement

Enhancing inter-factory synergy boosts profitability and supply chain efficiency.

Struggling with Inventory Management?

Implement a demand-driven approach to inventory planning that optimizes your inventory levels and delivers on your customers’ requirements.